Centre Conditions of Entry

Blue Mountains Leisure Centre


  • This facility is regulated by the provisions of the Inclosed Land Protection Act 1901.
  • This is a non smoking facility.
  • Lap swimming may be restricted due to swim carnival bookings, club activities and events.


Risk and Responsibility

  • You enter the centre at your own risk.
  • You release the centre from any and all injury that may be sustained by you whilst you are at the centre.
  • Patrons must pay the applicable fee to enter the centre.
  • The centre provides trained staff to supervise patron safety and behaviour standards. They do not negate the supervisory responsibility of parents / guardians of children.
  • All children under 10 years of age must be directly supervised by an adult.
  • Do not attempt or allow persons under your responsibility to attempt to use the facilities beyond your / their level of competency.
  • All injuries must be reported immediately to centre staff.
  • It is recommended that you do not leave your valuables unattended. The centre accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • All patrons must abide by the conditional rules and follow the instructions of the centre staff. If you do not comply then we may remove you from the centre without refund and you may be prosecuted.
  • Abusive or offensive behaviour is not permitted.
  • All patrons must behave in an appropriate manner with respect to children and around children.
  • Patrons are not to take photos of children, other than their own children, without the consent of the parental guardian of the child.
  • All patrons must behave in a manner which keeps children safe from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or the fear or apprehension of such abuse.
  • Please be considerate of residents, ensure you are parked legally and leave the centre quietly.
  • Management reserve the right to prohibit further entry to any patron found to be in breach of the guidelines.
  • Any patron who does not comply with any of these conditions of entry may be refused entry to a leisure centre and may have his or her membership of the facility terminated forthwith. In the event of such a termination the Council shall not be obliged to provide a refund to the patron of any fees paid for Leisure Centre Membership.